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Frequently asked questions

Can I create multiple calendars on single page ?
Yes, you can create multiple standard template calendars on single page using ComponentsAnywhere plugin.
Is is possible to include calendar in module or article ?
You can include calendar with 3rd party plugin - ComponentsAnywhere
I don't want to use payments for my calendar, can I disable them ?
All payments can be disabled in calendar menu item parameters.
Can I disable reservation specific amount of days from today ?
You can define amount of days to disable from today too avoid early reservations.
For instance if today is 2018-01-01 and disable resevations from today option is set to 2, users will can reserve only from 2018-01-03
Can I export reservations to CSV or other formats ?
Modern booking allows to export list of reservations to CSV format.
With excel or other software you can easily convert csv to xls, xml and other formats.
Can user cancel reservations ?
You can create booking cancelation link and add it to your email message which is sent after reservation.
Can I create time slots less than hour long?
Any time length slots can be created. It could be 10:00 - 10:01 10:01 - 10:02 10:03 - 10:45 etc.
Can I disable/blockout specific days ?
Modern booking allows you to disable days based on date and weekday.
For instance you can completely disable reservation for every Monday, Tuesday, etc. or dates like 2018-10-05, 2018-10-06, etc.}
Do you integrate other payment methods?
Yes, we do. Cost for custom payment development may vary from 70 to 150 euros.
Can I integrate modern booking with other systems ?
Yes, we have API which allows to access modern booking reservations in .XML format.
Is it possible to synchronize with Airbnb and other accommodation rental websites ?
Yes, Modern booking allows you to export & import reservations through iCal file.